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About Brandon Mims

Brandon Mims

NEWS FLASH! Bad Brandon owes child support – Violence Restraining Orders – Filed Bankruptcy.
•  Has several restraining orders filed against him
•  Owes more than 50K in child support
•  Filed Bankruptcy
•  Wage Garnishments
•  Massive Debt

Brandon Mims is a candidate for Compton Treasurer. Even though he states that he received a Bachelors and Master’s degrees from California State University Dominguez Hills – a public records search showed that he took online courses at La Verne Online University but no records of graduation from either university were found.

Mims purports to be a proficient college-educated accountant, yet he filed for bankruptcy because he lacks the most basic understanding of personal finance management which is – living within your means. Mims cheated his creditors of over $210,000 dollars when he filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in 2011.

Brandon Mims failed as Interim Deputy Controller for Compton. Under his watch:
• No annual audits were prepared
• Funds were misappropriated
• CA State Auditor’s scathing audit report revealed of the 79 measures of internal accounting and administrative controls reviewed by Controller Yee’s audit team, Compton was found deficient in 71 – almost 90 percent. (CA State Controller Betty T. Yee, Press Release dated 3/15/19)

In 2017, as Interim Deputy Controller, Bandon Mims failed to catch the overt embezzlement of over $3.7 million in city funds by the former deputy city treasurer, Brandon Mims was a failure as Interim Deputy Controller, no annual audits were prepared during his tenure. He was terminated from the position for a lack of experience and for making too many blunders.

The California State Controller’s Audit Report revealed Compton misused Gas Tax funds. .  Click here to read the press release of the U.S. Attorney General regarding Compton Deputy Treasurer conviction.

Mims has also been cheating his daughters of their basic right to receive child support. He has continually used his daughters as pawns to hurt, abuse and disrespect his ex-wife and former fiancé.

In January 2021 the mother of his 13year old daughter filed a 2nd Domestic Violence Restraining order – he has deliberately postponed the court hearing until after the June 2021 Compton General Election – full well knowing that the scandal would thwart his chances to get elected as city treasurer.

The mother of his 2nd daughter filed a Domestic Violence Restraining order in 2021 because she was also threatened with physical violence and he was verbally abusive to her. The mother of his 2nd child is owed over $30,000 in child support because he has never provided for his daughter’s care. Sources say that Mims first saw his 2nd daughter eight months after she was born.

Mims 13-year-old daughter was recently hospitalized because she has contemplated suicide. A friend of the child’s mother stated that Mims was caught in bed with a man (bottoming), and this incident together with his abusive behavior towards her and her mother, has caused her great anxiety, stress and a mental breakdown.