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Restraining Orders

On December 20, 2020 Brandon Mims' ex-fiancé filed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order to receive protection for her and her child from continual verbal abuse and threats of violence by Brandon Mims.

Click this link to visit San Bernardino Superior Court website where you can view Mims' former fiancé Domestic Violence Restraining Order records  Be sure to type in the Case# SS2008561.

Below is a summary of the case.

Case SS2008561 RTO - San Bernardino Court



On January 19, 2021, Brandon Mims ex-wife filed a 2nd Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him due to continual verbal abuse and threats of violence perpetrated by Brandon Mims. Here's a partial statement from his ex-wife declaration which is done under penalty of perjury:

"I am requesting a restraining order against the Respondent as a matter of safety and protection for myself and our daughter. The Respondent has had a previous restraining order in 2016 for attempting to kick down my home door after sending threatening and harassing messages and phone calls to me. The Respondent has unfortunately continued this pattern of aggressive behavior. It has come to a head and poses a safety issue to me and a real threat to our daughter's mental health..."

(Below is the entire 2nd Domestic Violence Restraining Order document if you wish to read Mims' ex-wife declaration.)

Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order 1-19-2021_Redacted